Saipanth is a path or a way of life which was preached and propagated in a very allegorical or cryptic manner by Sainath Maharaj of Shirdi. Here we are just understanding His path and His real teachings and then following the same in living by it. Therefore, what Saipanth is not is more important than what it is.

Saipanth is not a new religion or a new cult or an order of ashram or a new path. It is something which has always existed as part of the contents of the Satcharita. We are just extracting and understanding the meaning within the writings of the Satcharita and living by it. There are three founding principles of Saipanth. They are Gnana (Knowledge), Bhakti (Devotion) and Karma (Deeds). Every path eventually leads us to Salvation or Moksha. Saipanthis, in order to reach to the destination of Moksha, follow these three principles, which again, is mentioned in the Satcharita.

Gnana can be of anything or of any subject. But here the Gnana that we acquire is what is helpful for our spiritual progression. We are looking at what is relevant and important for us. In order to understand the Gnana that we should try to attain, we go to the six fundamental questions which have been in existence since time immemorial, which are:

  • Who am I? 
  • Where have I come from?  
  • Why am I here?  
  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Whom do I belong to?  
  • Where am I going to go from here? 

Finding an answer to these six fundamental questions is Gnana for us. That gives us a complete Spiritual understanding. This understanding in turn helps us to understand our Lord, acquire the knowledge about His ways, His path, His teachings and how He established such a large following of devotees and an order which is completely unwritten.

Bhakti is devotion and without it we cannot progress on our Spiritual Path. Devotion is a combination of emotion and intellect. An emotion emanating out of a blend of intellect, understanding and love becomes devotion. That is how we are devoted to our Lord. Again Bhakti is not a ritual. When we say Bhakti, it is about understanding God rather than misinterpreting it as a ritual.  Karma, Karma in its literal sense means Deeds. Karma for Saipanthis is to understand what is the path of our Lord, what he propagated, what His preachings are and to live by them by serving His cause. 

Gnana is to gain the relevant knowledge. Bhakti is understanding the knowledge gained. Karma is to live by it. Gain the knowledge, understand the knowledge and then serve the Lord based on the knowledge that you have gained and understood. By following these three aspects we attain Moksha/Salvation.

Saipanth is about universal acceptance. A Saipanthi has no considerations of caste, colour, race, creed, religion, etc. It’s not that we just respect all religions but we accept all religions. We do not judge or debate on any other path, religion or person/s. We just follow our own path.

In terms of philosophy, we are Advaitis/Non-Duality. Baba has clearly declared that Advaita is Supreme and that is the school of thought which He has prescribed for His devotees and disciples.