Saipanthis are firm believers of Law of Eternity and when we speak about the Beginning it's the new Beginning of an Ever existing Path.Our master works in mysterious ways. He chooses to guide his devotees and disciples personally and also through his Instruments. Instrumental Devotion is the Pillar of every Saipanthi's way of Devotion.  

Saipanth, as a path descended on Baba's devotees and disciples through one of His chosen Instruments, Ravindra Madhudi, whom Saipanthis address as "Bhaiyya".

Born on a Thursday during the early Seventies, he comes from a family of Doctors, Academicians & Law Makers. His father was a Doctor and His Mother was an entrepreneur. While his Paternal family along with his Father are Atheists his Maternal side along with his Mother are firm believers of God and extremely Spiritual. His Father had very little bearing on his psyche due to his sudden demise while Bhaiyya was still a young child and His Mother's upbringing with traditional values and rituals were the foundation for his deep interest in God and Spirituality.

Bhaiyya’s first major spiritual experience, which was the stepping stone to drawing him strongly and deeply into the fold of Shirdi Sai Baba was when a few days after the demise of his father, while walking on the street with his Mother he heard a Dhoop Aarti (prayer ritual performed at dusk), which was being sung at a private residence. He was drawn to it completely and as he entered the house he saw that the Aarthi was being sung in praise of Shirdi Saibaba. There were three statues of Baba which were being worshiped. Without being told by anyone who Baba was, he knew it from within and was utterly mesmerized and felt a strong sense of familiarity on seeing Him. When he bowed down at Baba’s feet and then looked up at His face he heard a clear voice coming from within Baba telling him that from then onwards He was his father forever. Thus started the relationship of a Father and son, which is what Bhaiyya primarily considers Baba as.   

There was a very devout and highly evolved Disciple of Baba by name Shivamma Thayee who lived in Bangalore. Baiyya's family often visited her and his meeting with Shivamma Thayee at a young age was a milestone in his life. She proclaimed to Bhaiyya's mother that he was not her child and has come into this world to work for the cause of Baba. That was the beginning of his Rinanubandha with Baba descending unto him.   

"Autobiography of a Yogi" was the first of the many spiritual books read by Bhaiyya and he was deeply influenced by it. The thought in that book that the Guru will come to the seeker at the right time and draw him into his fold captured his young mind. Thereafter, he started wandering around on his quest for a Guru and in the course of it he had a spate of miraculous experiences with Hatha Yogis, Aghoras, Ananda Margis, Siddha Yogis, Natha Sampradayis and many more. These experiences not only established that Baba was true to His word and protected him as a father from any untoward incidents but also guided him to great heights on his journey of Spiritual progression.They also helped him to gather knowledge about various schools of spiritual thoughts and the affirmation that Baba was the Divine Guru whom he was seeking for his ultimate Union.   

The single most important experience of Bhaiyya that fabricated the body of his Spirituality as well as his understanding and advent on the Path was his interaction with Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. He attended a workshop for Sahaja Yogis under the guidance of Mataji Nirmala Devi wherein he learnt the Kundalini yoga. However, all through this period of learning he could not shift his attention or focus away from Shirdi Sai Baba. The beautiful thing to observe here is how the Divine is the Doer of everything and He not only ordains but He also prepares for the path of Saipanth to be established under the Instrumental guidance of Bhaiyya.   

On the concluding day of the workshop, Srimataji Nirmala Devi stated in her address to the Sahaja yogis that one who cannot be a part of collective meditation can never be a Sahaja Yogi and this made Bhaiyya very unhappy because he was more comfortable meditating in isolation than in a collective group. It got him confused and upset as these were his growing days in Spirituality. However, In her parting conversation with Bhaiyya, Shri Mataji told him that he was a Guide in the making, to lead a Path, but he would never be a Sahaja Yogi. She said she knew Who he was, Where he had come from, Who had sent him to her and Whom He Belonged to. By design of the Divine, she closed the curtains on his days as a Sahaja Yogi by asking him to visit Shirdi on his way back home. This incident made him realize once again, his strong spiritual Rinanubandha with Shirdi Sai Baba. This was how he was taught Kundalini yoga by Baba in order to serve the cause of Saipanth.   

Thereafter, Bhaiyya had a very fulfilled and contented worldly life where he also continued to meditate and work for the cause of Baba whenever possible. One prophetic event that happened during this time was that in the course of establishing a Baba temple in a village close to Bangalore, he was told that Shivamma Thayee had once lived in that Village. This brought back to his mind her proclamation that he would work for the cause of Baba.   

Subsequently, on the insistence of two young men (who are an integral part of Saipanth now) for about two years, Bhaiyya gave the first basic lesson on Kundalini yoga. These lessons continued in a very sporadic manner. One day, whilst in the Dwarkamai at Shirdi , the name “Saipanth” dawned upon him and with that the understanding of the larger service for the cause of Baba. He returned from Shirdi and started working towards the establishment of “Saipanth.”   

Having taken a thread from the devotion of Shri Govindrao Raghunath Dhabholkar, the basic understanding which we should draw from here is that Baba is the Doer and we are all just His Instruments. Saipanth is being established by Baba and it is His cause. Everything that is Saipanth is Baba and it is an extension of Him guiding us unto this Path to reach our Destination. Every thought, every word and every deed is His and we are just His Instruments following this Path through Instrumental Devotion. This should be the belief of every Saipanthi.   

By the command of the Master, a group of six under the guidance of Bhaiyya started their journey in Saipanth. No one comes into Saipanth on their own free will and accord. They are drawn to Saipanth. Once you are a Saipanthi you will always be a Saipanthi. Saipanth is a pure Path with an integration of all elements, all thoughts and all religions.The decipher of the Satcharita and meditation, which is a combination of all the yogic practices, is an integral aspect of Saipanth.