To know the path that Saipanthis follow we have to first understand our Master, though not explicitly. We have to go back to the first experience of Shri Dhabolkar, the author of the Satcharita. His first visit to Shirdi where he witnessed the miracle of Baba grinding the wheat, inspired him to write, and that is what is today known as the Satcharita. What we need to take from this act of Baba grinding the wheat is the understanding that he was taking all our hrinas, karmas, pains, afflictions and miseries and crushing and grinding them. Another understanding we should have is that the Dhuni/Sacred Fire which is burning at Dwarikamai in Shirdi is the eternal yagna (Offerings made to Fire which reach God) where all the pain, agonies, sufferings, obstacles and attachments of his devotees and disciples are getting burnt into ashes. 

This should be our fundamental understanding of Baba before we understand the path. As a Saipanthi, we should acquire the knowledge (Gnana), understand it (Bhakti) and then live by it (Karma). Having followed these steps we reach a stage where we practise Meditation (Dhyana). As a part of Meditation we practise Kundalini Yoga which was taught to the world by Maharshi Patanjali in "Patanjali Yoga Sutra" and attain Moksha (Union with the Supreme). To summarize, our path is:

  • Gnana/Knowledge 
  • Bhakti/Understanding 
  • Karma/Deeds  
  • Dhyana/Meditation
  • Moksha/Yoga/Union  

Walking on this path Saipanthis grow above religion. In saying so we are not attempting to belittle any religion or nor are we undermining the importance of religion. When we understand our own religion and also understand that every religion speaks the same and is the path to attain salvation, that is when we grow above religion. This is the stage where Saipanthis are, where religion becomes inconsequential and we begin to follow the yogic path. Saipanthis are non-ritualistic. When we move into Dhyana and perform the Kundalini yoga, we gradually evolve more and more and finally become one with the Lord. This is what we attain in this path.